The Pet Stop is a place in Pet-Shops such as Claws-N'-Paws and Flippers-N'-Fins, where Pets can be accessorized and bedecked in various articles of clothing and trinkets. In the 'Pets-Only Party,' one section of the Pet-Stop accessory selection screen has been replaced with 'exclusive' items found only in the Pets-Only Party. The Pet Stop resembles the Salon area of a classic Barber's Shop, with a flat Stone slate for a Desk, which is supported by the two walls, a drawer on the right-underside of the desk, a Red chair, two cupboards on the walls on either side of the desk, a mirror, and small salon trinkets on the desk. The Flippers-N'-Fins Pet Stop has a similar setup to the Claws-N'-Paws Pet Stop, but has sunlight slanting in through a distant hole across the rocky area, and Kelp weaving amongst the stone. 

 The Claws-N'-Paws Pets' Pet Stop Accessories Edit

Here are all of the Pet Stop Accessories (Including the Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories) for all of the Claws-N'-Paws Pets.  

  •  Dog: Head Accessories - A large, Red-Brown, Russet, dark Ginger, Spiky Wig, A Headband with a strung Bone around the top, a Doctor's Headband, and a Pirate Hat. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Large Jack-O'-Lantern Mask, a Skull Mask, a Snowman's Head, and a Royal Tiara. 

Face Accessories - A Ninja Mask, an Eye Patch, Stunt Goggles, and Big, Sad Eyes. 

Accessories carried on the Neck/Body - A Camera, Guitar, a curved Machete, and a Purse or Wallet Bag. 

  •  Cat: Head Accessories -  An Astronaut's Space Helmet, a Fancy Top Hat, a Sleeping Hat, and a large, Red-Brown, Russet, dark Ginger, Spiky Wig. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Pirate's Captain Hat, a Gang Robber's Hat, Witch Hat, and a Royal Tiara. 

Face Accessories - Sassy, Glam eyes, First-Class Glasses, a Pirate Eye-Patch with a Goatee and a 'French Mustache,' and Stunt Goggles. 

Accessories carried on the Neck/Body - A Blue Collar with a Tag, a Red Bow, a Green Handkerchief, and a Pink Collar with a Tag. 

  •  Snake: Head Accessories - A large, Pink Bow, a Police Officer's Hat, a Spartan's Helmet, and a Top Hat with a Monocle. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Poacher's Raccoon Hat, Queen of England's Wig, a Poacher's Cat Hat, and a Firefighter's Hat. 

Face/Neck Accessories - Radioactive Goggles, an Eye Patch, a large Spartan Sword, and a Cane. 

Body/Tail Accessories - A Lollipop, an Ice Cream Cone, Pirate Hook, and a Maraca. 

  •  Hamster: Head Accessories - A large Cowboy Hat, a Blue Sailor's Hat, an Astronaut's Dome Helmet, and a Pirate Captain's Hat. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Royal Tiara, Robin Hood's Feather Hat, a Viking's Hat, and a fancy Top Hat.

Face Accessories - Protective Radioactive Mask with Goggles, a Robotic Visor, Elderly glasses, amd Glam Sunglasses.

Body/Ear Accessories - A Gold Ring earring, a Pink Tutu, Purple Demon Bat Wings, and a Pirate's sword. 

  •  Turtle: Head Accessories - A sparkling Unicorn's Horn, a Dragon's Mask, a Headband with a Fuchsia Flower, and a Knit Hat. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A large, tall Top Hat, an Aviator Hat, a Sandman's Sleeper's Hat, and a Flower, wide-brimmed Fedora. 

Face Accessories/Markings - Spots, a mechanical Monocle, a Ninja Mask, and Frankenstein's stitching and screws. 

Back/miscellaneous Accessories - A Rhinoceros Beetle, fluttering Angel Wings, Dual Samurai Swords, and Dragon Wings with a tail. 

  •  Duck: Head Accessories - Large, Fancy Top Hat, bright Fuchsia-Pink Bow, large, Spiky Red wig, and a miniature, Fuchsia-Pink Sandman's Sleeper's Hat. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A large, Pirate Captain's Hat, a Mohawk, a Wizardry Hat, and a Green Director's Hat. 

         Face Accessories - Robotic Laser Visor, an Eye Patch, Ninja Mask, and Radioactive Stunt Goggles.   

Back Accessories - A stick with a Bag tied to the end, a Fishing Rod with a dead Fish attached to it, a Medieval Knight's Sword, and a Toy's Wind-Up spring.

  •  Butterfly: Wing Accessories - Angel Wings with a Golden Halo, Ping-Pong paddles, Flames, and Fog. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: Dragon Wings, Spatulas, Leaves, and Japanese Fans. 

Head/Antennae Accessories - Space Helmet with Pulsar Rods, a Fancy Top Hat with small Antennae sticking out, Flowers, and Electricity Rods.

Back Accessories - An active Rocket, an Engine, a curved Machete, and a fluttering Blue cape. 

  •  Frog: Head Accessories - A Viking Hat, Pirate Captain's Hat, a small Crown, and a Top Hat. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Red and Yellow Propeller Hat, a Satellite Antennae, Royal Tiara, and and Rabbit Ears.

Face Accessories - Nerd Glasses, 'Glamorous' Eyes, Evil Villain Eyes, and Radioactive Stunt Goggles.  

Back/Miscellaneous Accessories - Angel's/Cupids Wings, Devil/Demon Bat Wings, Propulsion Prockets, and a Mustache.

 Monthly-Members' Gift/Diamond Shop Pets' Accessories Edit

Here are all of the Pet Stop Accessories (Including the Exclusive 'Pets-Only-Party' Accessories)  of the Monthly-Members' Gift Pets &/or Diamond Shop Pets. 

  •  Arctic Wolf: An Arctic Hood, Knitted Hat, DJ Headphones, and an Epic Wonders Royal Tiara. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Happy-Go-Lucky Leprechaun Top Hat, a Pink, brimmed Fedora Hat, a Skull Mask, and a Rapper's Beanie. 

Face Accessories - A Happy-Go-Lucky Leprechaun Charm Necklace, a thick, Blue scarf, a large, Pink Bow, and a Sun Necklace. 

Tail/Micellaneous Accessories - An Elf Tail Armor, Dual Samurai Swords, a spinning Pinwheel, and a Flower Bracelet. 

  •  Tarantula: Head/Abdomen Accessories - Pink, curly Antennae, a bright Fuchsia Bow, a large, Pirate Captain's Hat, and a mini Trailer. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A large Pumpkin, a Cupcake with a Candle inserted into the Top, a large Mushroom, and slowly flapping Angel Wings. 

Miscellaneous Accessories - A Leaf-Green shadow, a fiery Lazer-Red shadow, a dull Sky-Blue shadow, and a bright Fuchsia-Pink shadow.

Leg Accessories - Bright Fuchsia-Pink Leg Warmers, Red thorns, Socks, and Monster Truck Wheels.

  •  Tiger: Head Accessories - A Police Officer, a large, Dull-Pink Bow, Demon Horns, and Earmuffs. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: Michael Jackson's Fedora, a small Tiara, a King's Crown, and a Bicycle Helmet. 

Face Accessories - A Ninja Mask, glowing Night vision eyes, a Wrestling Champion mask, and Saber fangs. 

Back Accessories - Dual Samurai Swords, a Butterfly Net. a Red Balloon, and a Wrestling Champion cape.

  •  Raccoon: Head Accessories - A Wizard's Hat, Stunt Helmet, Sherlock Holmes' Detective Hat, and Pink-Fuchsia Star Glasses. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Sun Visor, a Sunflower pin, a Happy-Go-Lucky Leprechaun Top Hat, and a Robber's Beanie. 

Miscellaneous Accessories - A Stunt Outfit, a Wizard's Cloak, Shark Fin, and a Magnifying Glass. 

Tail Accessories - A large, Pink Bow, a Flower, Teddy Bear, and a Shuriken.  

  •  Monkey: Head Accessories - A Space Helmet, a Cupcake, Firefighter's Hat, and a Doctor's Headband. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A tall, Fancy Top Hat, a Cat Hat, Medusa's Mask, and an Ancient Tribe Mask. 

Hand/Leg Accessories - A Firefighter's Glove, a Firefighter's Boot, a Cowboy's Boot, and Leaf Leg Bands.

Back/Tail Accessories - Flapping Demon Wings, a Pink Bow, a Black-Gray Backpack, and a 'Collar' with a a small Bell.

  •  Fox: Head Accessories - An Aviator Hat, a Wizard's Hat, Beret, and Ninja Mask. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Mech Angel Helmet, Fancy Top Hat, a Curly Wig, and a Bonnet with a Bow. 

Neck/Wrist Accessories - A Sun Necklace, a Spiked Collar, a Heart Locket, and a Flower Bracelet.

Back/Miscellaneous. items - Bow and Arrows, subtly fluttering Mech Angel Wings, a Pink Purse, and Dual Samurai Swords.

  •  Owl: Head/Face Accessories - A Spartan Knight Helmet, a Graduation Hat, Glasses, and a sparkling Unicorn Horn. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories: A Witch Hat, a Newspaper Hat, Robin Hood's Feather Hat, and a Poacher's Raccoon Hat. 

Neck/Miscellaneous. Accessories - A Graduation Scroll, a Blue Scarf, a Tie, and a Camera.

Miscellaneous. Accessories - A Ladybug, A Doughnut, a Duck, and a Lollipop. 

 The Flippers-N'-Fins Pets' Pet Stop Accessories Edit

Here are all of the Pet Stop Accessories (Not including the Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories) of all of the Ocean or Amphibious Pets.

  •  Seahorse: Head Accessories - A Spartan Knight's Helmet, a Pirate Captain's Hat, a Nurse's Hat, and a Biker Gang Hat. 'Rare' Pets' Accessories : A Gardening Hat, Robin Hood's Feather Hat, Black Headband, Scuba Diver or Astronaut's Helmet. 

Face Accessories - Radioactive Goggles, a Robotic Lazer Visor, 'Glam' Glasses, and a Fancy Monocle.

Back/Miscellaneous Accessories - A Propulsion Rocket, a Fishing Rod with a fish attached to it, a Wind-Up toy Spring, and Demon Wings. 

  •  Turtle: Head Accessories - A Cow Wrangler's Hat, a Witch Hat, a Pirate Captain's Hat, and a Chinese Villager's Hat. 

Face Accessories - An Eye Patch and Mustache, Greely's Monocle, Black flaps of hair, and Alien Antennae. 

Back/Miscellaneous. Accessories - Krill, a Chinese Village House, a Cowboy's Rope, and a Witch's Broom. 

  •  Jellyfish: Head Accessories - A Chef's Hat, a Chinese Villager's Hat, a Sunflower pin, and a Cactus. 'Rare' Pet Accessory : Pie, Scuba Diver's Helmet, a Cupcake, and/or a Viking Hat. 

Back Accessories - A Rocket, a Pinwheel, Dual Samurai Swords, and a Lollipop. 

Face Accessories - Scuba Goggles with a Snorkel, a French Mustache, 'Cutie' eyes, and a pair of Glasses.

  •  Anglerfish: Head Accessories - A Chef's Hat, a Tiara, a Jamaa Football Helmet, and a Fancy Top Hat with a Monocle. 'Rare' Pets' Accessory : A Witch's Hat, &/or an Android Body, Pirate Eyepatch, dreadlocks, and Hat, Pumpkin, and Witch's skin. 

Fin Accessories - Airplane Fins, metallic Android Fins, Flames, and Sports Equipment. 

Rod Accessories - A Star, an Ice Cream Cone, a spinning Ninja Throwing Star, and a burning Marshmallow. 

 Exclusive Parties' Pets' Accessories Edit

Here are all of the Pet Stop Accessories (Including the Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories) on all of the Party-Exclusive Pets. 

  •  Bunny: Head Accessories - A Gardening Hat, Robin Hood's Feather Hat, a Strawberry Beanie, and a Safari Hat with a Carrot strung onto it with bouncy Wire. Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories : A Fancy Top Hat, Captain Jack Sparrow's Hat, Dreadlocks, mustache and Goatee, the top of an Easter Eggshell, and a Newspaper Hat. 

Face / Neck Accessories - Count Dracula's Fangs, Cloak Collar, and sleek hair, Aqua Stunt Goggles, a Ninja Mask, and a black Flap of shiny, sleek hair.

Back / Miscellaneous. Accessories - A baby Chick, a Bubble Wand, a Butterfly Net with a nearby fluttering Butterfly, and a Rocket.

  •  Reindeer: Head Accessories - Rudolph's Christmas / Jamaaliday Light-strung Antlers, Santa's faithful Reindeer's hat, Peppermint Antlers, and Snow Globe-holding Antlers. Exclusive 'Pets'-Only Party' Accessories : A miniature, Baby-Blue, Sandman's sleeper's hat with Antlers, Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat, Eyebrows, and Beard, with Antlers, curled Demon / Gazelle Horns, and Elvis Presley's haircut, with Antlers. 

Face / Nose Accessories - Rudolph's big Red, flashing nose, Robotic Lazer Visors, Aqua Stunt Googles, and 'Innocence' eyes with a small freckle. 

Neck / Back Accessories - A Red Collar with a Golden Bell, a Rocket, Wreath, and mini Demon Bat Wings.

 Exclusive Technological Mobile Device Application-Obtainable Pet(s) and Accessories Edit

Here are all of the Pet Stop Accessories (Including the Exclusive 'Pets-Only Party' Accessories) of the Pets exclusively obtainable in Animal Jam-related Apps. 

  •  Joey: Head Accessories - 

Trivia Edit

  •  There are some Rare Accessories that may be obtainable through retaining a 'Rare' Pet, where, when one is selecting a Pet, it may have randomized Colorations and an exclusive Accessory already applied to it, such as the Pie for the Jellyfish and the Witch's Hat for the Anglerfish. 
  •  The only two Pets available to all Jammers, the Hamster and the Joey, are not authorized to use the Pet Stop if their owner is a Non-Member Jammer.